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American audio engineer and guitarist, Brett Weisenborn, began to study classical guitar in his hometown in West Virginia under the private instruction of Dr. Nels Leonard Jr. in 1996. At an early age, he expressed a love for music, and has since aspired to perform and create, establishing relationships with musicians and artists from around the world.

Brett is a graduate from The Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University, where he earned bachelor’s degrees in recording arts and sciences, and in classical guitar performance - under the tutelage of Julian Gray. In his performing career, he has attended and participated in many masterclasses, competitions, and music festivals, and has played in various chamber music ensembles. He performs solo guitar regularly in recitals, events, and fundraisers.

With extensive experience using a wide range of analog and digital recording equipment, Brett has completed hundreds of tracking, editing, mixing, and post-production projects as an audio engineer for institutes and festivals across the United States. He actively engineers high fidelity digital audio recordings and live sound applications for musicians of varying styles, including live concert and location recordings, editing and mixing services, and audio restoration.

Brett has always remained true to his genuine interest for clarity and character in performance and in audio quality alike, captivating listeners with an engaging experience.

Please take a moment to LISTEN to some audio examples, and check back for the latest updates!

CONTACT Brett to inquire about equipment listing, guitar repertoire, teaching information, pricing, and any additional information. Thank you!

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